7 Things to do on Sunday Night

I was sitting here in my back yard watching Orange is the new Black on Netflix and  a thought came to mind. ‘Oh my goodness, I have school tomorrow.’ So instead of getting out my clothes and taking a nighttime shower, I have decided to blog

7 Things to do Sunday Night

Clean out your closet until you are too tired to even see another hanger

imageAh this will bring back memories that you just might not want to remember. Like those ugly shirt(s) that you wasted money on and will never wear in public again. You’ll try to make use of them by wearing them around the house, but no, no no those shirts got to go.


Read a good book…correction GREAT book


Sitting down and reading a book for any amount of time is good for your body and mind. Unless you sit there and read for thirteen hours straight.Goodness please don’t do that. So instead of stressing about tomorrow and all the stuff you’ll have to do, why not sit down and relax for a bit. I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for a good dystopian novel.

Watch your favorite 2000’s movie


Yes, from Bring It On to those hopeless Twilight movies, we’re talking about the best of the 00’s . Why wait for the next RomCom to come out when you can just warm up some Cranberry juice and pull up Netflix?


Go to your local coffee shop

images (24) I know that coffee kinda defeats the purpose of nighttime and sleep, but the shop is still a cool place to be. Because of its comfortable interior, its a nice place to get social, eat, and relax.  And there is usually free Wi-Fi there, so duh, it’s  the perfect place to be.

Go out with some friends or family

Diner again

Sundays nights are considered one of the most stressful nights of the week, because people tend to worry about tomorrow and the rest of the week. Having some friends around can really change a persons mood. So whether you guys go to a Diner, Drive-thru, or just sitting at home talking and drinking warm cranberry juice, being with them is probably one of the best things you can do with your Sunday night.

Or you could just blog

shrugHey, when in dought, blog it out 😉


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