What a Flash Flood is like

  So this weekend my and my family went to Mt.Badly to pick berries and see my Momma Alison. Everything was okay, only that it was a solid 74 degrees outside and barely any sun. There was also a little drizzle, but Momma Alison didn’t think much of it because “It hadn’t rained in a good 10 years.”- we were on a different topic when she told me that. But anyways lets just skip the boring introduction and get right to it.

What is a Flash Flood like? 

Its Dangerous…

Dangerous-Funny-Cat   Okay not as dangerous as a Shark with a Cats’ face on it, but you know what I mean. Momma A grows various amounts of flowers and spices in her diagonal backyard. So I look out the kitchen window and I see her huge Sunflower tilting lower…and lower…and lower. While this I’m yelling “Oh my god! Mom the Sunflower, Mom!” and it wasn’t until the Sunflower finally snapped that I saw the river of water casting down that part of her back yard and trying to make its way over the Cobblestone Wall. 

   Not only at that point but everywhere. There was water coming down the pathway that was meant to get up to the top of her garden. Also in the garden, the water was either weaving its way through the plants or just full on running them over. And when we opened the door all we saw was just a river of brown muddy water outside making its way down the street.

 In my case it was Fun…

FUN   Remember how I said that we were going berry picking? Well yeah we did even though it was drizzling. It didn’t start pouring buckets until we were in the woods picking the berries. But that isn’t what made us turn around and go home. It was the Hail.(And if the Hail hadn’t smacked our hands every time we tried to pick a berry we, probably, would have still been out there).

   Also, every time we had a long slope to walk up with mud running down on it. My siblings and I would automatically turn into the Military. We would run up it, while take commands to do various actions. With the Commanding Officer being my older brother, Sean, who is in college and didn’t care that he was technically playing in the mud. He would jump over a wide stream of water and if he made it he would make hand signals for us to come.

Side Note; When it started pouring hard and we where all soaking wet my brother, Niamke, would Krump in the middle of the street like in those old 2000 dance movies 😉


Here are some pictures that I was able to get from my mom.

10365941_886825588013134_7480083843254361731_nThis is One of Momma A’s sheds covered in rock,mud, and debris.


Her second shed is tipped over onto the first shed.


A mountain of rocks and boulders along her house.


   Don’t even get me started on how the only road that would let us leave her street was blocked by rocks, boulders, mud, and debris. The people on Mt.Baldy where so afraid of fire (because of the drought), that they weren’t even slightly prepared for a flood. My heart goes out to all of those who got hurt or have damaged property due to these events and thank God that my family is okay.

We were lucky because it finally stopped raining and the water keep going downhill. Everything at the base of the mountain looked fine when we all went home. Now it’s just the aftermath to deal with.






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