My wrestling journey

Wow it has been a whole year since I have posted, well let me get you guys up to date. I was in a couple of school plays at the end of my sophomore year of high school. Beginning of junior I became a football manager while balancing cheer leading which was a hassle. Then something happened that I had no vision of seeing. I became a champion.

When football season was over it was time to start a new chapter in managing. So because a really good friend of mines asked I became wrestling manager. I was 189 pounds when I walked in, some muscle but mainly fat, my BMI told me I was 31% body fat. But the coach had a hole in 180’s weight division and was constantly begging while I mopped the mats to at least try wrestling. So I took it up as a hobby.

My dad and I that night searched eBay looking for  wrestling shoes. When we couldn’t find any I voiced my situation to a friend who conveniently  had wrestled in high school and had size 8 wrestling shoes that fit me.

Everyday for the first two weeks I ran alone. Because I took wrestling as a hobby at first my main goal was finishing out cheer season, which is a different story for later, but I always came to practice 30 minutes late, missing all the warm-up activities. The couch would look at me, point to the door and say go run. I only had to run about a mile and a half everyday, and I’ve always hate the feeling that I was putting myself back by being lazy, so I would set little goals for myself every time I ran to keep me motivated and show my progress.

My saying the whole season was “I don’t know, I just want to get better.” Which was true I listened to my coach’s every match, I went home and watched my matches and came back with questions. I was like that overly attentive kid in the classroom. After two weeks it became apparent that what I wanted to do was wrestle, I worked out at school and  toned my technique, then I would come home from school to a house filled with football players (story for a different time) and work out with them for two hours.

And I would like to say before I move on is that wrestling is a damn great sport. I set it apart from the rest because in most high school sports the girl team is viewed as the weak team. But not in wrestling, us girls go out there and wrestle boys, other girls, and we slay that mat. I wish more girls knew about the joy and sense of fulfillment that comes with wrestling.


12/05/15 My first all girls tournament. My first tournament win


My first match was against a girl and it was horribly awesome.

Awesome because:

1) I’ve never had my team rooting for me before, I’ve been in many sports, basketball, cheer leading, soccer, track, shot put, cross country, but the coaches had their favorites and everybody had their little drama filled cliques.

2)I won the match…

Horrible because:

1)…but fact that I still didn’t know much and was unconditioned made it feel like I was running for my life away from dogs for three miles. Wrestling someone in your weight class is no joke at all, because you’re wrestling someone your size and strength depends on genes and how much they work both on muscle and technique. And usually technique wins against strength. And when you’re wrestling you two are just going at each other for six minutes, which may seem short to you but for a chubby buddy like me it felt like a life time.



1/16/16 Tristan Tournament my first ever big win Dymond Guilford (left) Precious Bell(1st placer 160 division) (right)


Mid season  it became apparent that I would at least make it to CIF, I was winning whole tournaments left and right, never getting less than third. By mid season I was already being scouted as #3 in Southern section, but  I think that the best part wasn’t the winning, it was all the fun I was having getting to travel and see parts of Cali that I didn’t even know existed. The long car rides blasting whatever was one the radio. We would have to wake up at 4 am sometimes and go to school just so we could drive out and make it to weight in’s at 7 in the morning.


The end of the season was arguably the saddest part because looking  back I had come such a long way. I went from a 189 pound well known quiet girl to a 164 pound, constantly in the newspaper, popular, quiet girl. I think the worst part was knowing that next season I won’t be able to see my sister Precious Bell every time I walk into practice, she was my mentor and when it comes to sports we dominate together. This story does have a happy ending though, I went first in CIF, first in Southern Section CIF and I am the 8th best 170 pound girl wrestler in the state of California, all as a first year wrestler. Earlier I said that something unexpected happened, I became a champion, but I’m not a champion because of the wins, I’m a champion because from the moment I knew that I loved to wrestle I worked damn hard to become the best that I could be in the short time that I had, that’s what made me a champion. All those wins were just a byproduct of how much and how hard I worked through the season with what God gave me. And I thank God for every moment I got to wrestle.


2/18/16 CIF State Championships Precious Bell (left), Dymond Guiford (right)

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